Central valley alternative

The CVA's Rewards Program allows our recurring patient to benefit from their loyalty by offering a variety of select items at a special value when exchanged for reward points.

How the rewards program works

For every order $30 and over, you will acquire 1 Reward point! You can redeem these points towards priced qualified items. The complete list of Reward Items is listed below.

Best of all, your points are attached to your profile, so you don’t need to maintain a rewards card. If you wish to find out your rewards point balance, or redeem them for an online order, please contact our customer service representatives.

Please note that reward items may not be returned or exchanged for cash, points, or another product.

*Offers good only while supplies last*

2 Points- 5%off Your Order

 10 Points- $10-$15 Value

20 Points- $15-$30 Value

30 Points- $30-$45 Value

40 Points- $45-$60 Value

50 points-$60-$100 value